Corporate Responsibility

Here at C88 Holdings, LLC, we embrace the concept of entrepreneurial social responsibility. When we began our journey to develop and produce artisan spirit products, we embarked on our journey with a full understanding of how our product impacts individuals and the environment. We source only natural and fair-trade ingredients. We work through all of our processes to reduce our overall carbon footprint through reduced materials, transportation, and production practices. We work through a modified six sigma program in our supply chain activities, and our facilities meet global ISO 9000 series compliance certifications.

Whether we are producing our fine products, or consuming them, we maintain a stance that we are all individuals striving to protect our families and communities through socially responsible activities and practices. Please know that we embrace our responsibility with all seriousness, and we take pride in our Fair Trade Certification. We hope you’ll agree that luxury demands responsibility.

Fair Trade Certified

Fair Trade CertifiedC88 Holdings, LLC, is part of a growing grassroots movement that strengthens relationships and trading practices to benefit farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth. Obtaining Fair Trade Certification for our products is an integral part of our mission and values to create a luxurious natural product by keeping families, local economies, and the natural environment strong and sustainable for years to come.




American Red Cross

American Red CrossC88 Holdings is a proud partner of the American Red Cross. Not only does our support help provide disaster relief preparedness and assistance before and after natural disasters, but the American Red Cross plays a critical role around the world in health and safety training and education. For more than 130 years, the American Red Cross has provided assistance to the world’s most vulnerable communities through disaster response, disease prevention, and humanitarian programs.